How to Use Guided Imagery Scripts Online

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What are Guided Imagery Scripts?

The conscious part of our mind processes about 17-40 bits of information per second. The conscious mind is concerned with what we are aware of, what we plan for the future and what we’re feeling right now. The subconscious mind is believed to process a million times more than the conscious mind. The subconscious handles most of our human functions and is a repository of everything that has happened to us in the past. This means that for mental healing and reprogramming of our beliefs and projections to be most effective it must engage the subconscious or unconscious mind. Guided Imagery Scripts are step-by-step directions on how to use guided imagery to free the mind of some distortion or problem so as to access core qualities of inherent goodness that lies within us.

How do Guided Imagery Scripts work?

Guided Imagery Scripts present a path into the subconscious. The more adept the guide the deeper the connection with the subconscious. For example a script might lead your awareness to an issue regarding fear of heights. Through the guidance offered, you might discover an event in your past that contributed to that fear. Bringing this event to conscious awareness can allow the memory to be interacted with in a way that lessens the fear associated with the memory. Following a script can also allow a more developed part of your psyche to come to the assistance of the fearful part.

How to best use Guided Imagery Scripts

Start with a quieting exercise like steady and conscious breathing. bash scriptPerhaps take 6 breaths.   When you breathe in think breath in. When you breathe out think breath out. This will link your mind and body and that assists in relaxation. If you’re following along to my guided imagery scripts you will be directed as what to do step-by-step with both words and voice. Words and voice together make it easier for some people than just words or voice alone.The script will activate a part of your psyche called the adult. This is a clear, mature, capable part of you. Imagine that part of you and follow the steps with your adult leading you in the process.

How Guided Imagery Scripts can help you

Beliefs and emotions get placed in the subconscious and they can get stuck there. We may not consciously believe what we believe subconsciously. We may have retained emotions from childhood stuck in our subconscious that cause us to acts in ways we would not consciously choose. The subconscious is like a basement. What we put there stays there until we carry it out. Guided Imagery Scripts help us to free our mind from the limiting beliefs and old hurts of the past so that we can be who we really are in the present. We are not our limitations. We are the greatness that has been covered over by the past and waits for us to discover the buried treasure of our Self.

Dr. Rick Moss is the developer of Pre-Cognitive Re-Education (Pre-Cog) and, offering guided imagery scripts, CDs and phone sessions and workshops.


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