IMAP Business Email Hosting vs. POP3 Email Hosting

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IMAP is a client email protocol with a sophisticated but easy to use capacity to share, organize, and enable flexible access to multiple users. To an increasing number of organizations IMAP is the next step in email, a viable, cost-effective business email hosting solution.

There are several benefits of an IMAP Email Hosting Account: With this protocol, all your mail stays on the server in multiple folders, some of which you have created and customized. If you want all email related to Bob Jones to be stored in one folder, simply create one on the IMAP Server called Bob Jones.

An IMAP Email Hosting Account enables you to connect to any computer and see all your mail and mail folders. IMAP is a convenient email services solution for busy executives who travel often. If you have a dedicated connection to the Internet or you prefer to check your mail from various locations, an IMAP Email Hosting Account is a hassle-free way to manage your email.

The Drawbacks of a POP3 Email Hosting Account

A POP3 Email Hosting Account only contains one folder, an Inbox folder. When you open your mailbox, new mail is moved from the host server and saved on your computer. In order to view old mail messages, you are limited to the computer where you last opened your mail.

You do not have to stay logged on to the Internet to get your email from a POP3 Email Hosting Account. Email met eigen domeinnaam You can log on when you want to receive and send new messages. Once your new messages have been downloaded to your computer, you can log off to read them. This is a good option if you connect with a dial-up modem and are charged for your connection or you have an older computer.

Keeping Email on the Server vs. Removing Mail from Server

If you use the POP3 protocol and you read your mail from multiple computers, you will want to “leave mail on the server.” This method ensures that the mail in your Inbox will be available to you at all times. If you do not leave mail on the server, all the mail in your Inbox will be downloaded directly to the computer you are currently using. If you only read your mail from one location, then you do not need to “leave mail on the server.” You will see instructions on how to set this option when you go through the steps to set up your email client.

The main difference between an IMAP Email Hosting Account and a POP3 Email Hosting Account is this: An IMAP Email Hosting Account enables you to view your mail and mail folders from multiple locations, a perfect business email hosting option for people who are always on the go. A POP3 Email Hosting Account is an excellent choice for tech-phobic individuals, or people who are comfortable accessing their email from the Inbox on one computer.

Once client mail users switch from a POP3 Email Hosting Account to an IMAP Business Email Hosting Account, they don’t look back. They love the flexibility, convenience, and efficiency IMAP has to offer. IMAP Email Services help small business owners stay productive, wherever they do business.

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